Completed PhDs in the Human Life History Projects

Samuli Helle   2004, University of Turku, Finland: “Reproduction and Post-reproductive Survival in Historical Humans
Jenni Pettay   2008, University of Turku, Finland: “Phenotypic and Genetic Variance and Covariance in Life-history Traits in Historical Humans
Ian Rickard   2009, University of Sheffield, UK: “Life-history Consequences of Developmental Conditions in Humans
Mirkka Lahdenperä   2010, University of Turku, Finland: “Evolution of Prolonged Longevity in Humans
Duncan Gillespie   2010, University of Sheffield, UK: “Natural Selection on Female Reproduction in Humans
Jianghua Liu   2011, University of Sheffield, UK: “Evolutionary Foundation of Life-history Shifts During the Recent Demographic Transitions in Humans
Aida Nitsch   2014, University of Sheffield, UK: “The Evolution of Sibling Interactions in Humans
Simon Chapman   2020, University of Turku, Finland: "Context-dependence of Grandmother Effects & Selection on Post-reproductive Lifespan"